Well now I’m feeling a little guilty about having laughed at Jay’s injury. It turned out he broke his femur. He had emergency surgery late Saturday night and came home from the hospital the following Tuesday (yesterday). Whoops.

It was kind of interesting how events developed. The break itself (femoral neck, just under the ball and socket joint of the hip) is a common injury in old people but very uncommon in children. When old people break their femoral necks they just pop in a couple of screws and soon they are right as rain. However, for kids who are still growing, this type of injury can have serious long term consequences. If the blood flow into that ball and socket joint is compromised there is a very great chance of hip problems like arthritis, etc., and possibly a hip replacement within the next few years. But because this injury is so uncommon in kids, none of the doctors thought of this until finally his case worked its way up to the attending pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Even the resident orthopedist was considering whether or not to send us home and have him come back on Monday for the surgery. And then suddenly the anesthesiologist was asking us when did he last eat and rushing him into the OR.

Anyway, here are the main points of our hospital experience:

  • At no time did Jay ever seem confused, scared, or even in much pain. The entire time he was joking around and being very much his usual inimitable self.
  • Looking around at the other kids on the floor, and especially the two other teenage boys he was sharing the hospital room with — broken spine to his left, colostomy bag to his right — my overwhelming feeling was gratitude. Compared to what some kids have to deal with, what we had was NOTHING.
  • Jay and I had some fantastic mother-son time during this little vacation. Partly because of the previously-mentioned oedipus complex and partly because of having two other kids at home, plus the fact that this is a spectacularly busy time of year for hubby (final exams, papers to grade), it was mostly just me who was at the hospital with him. We had long conversations about everything under the sun, including GIRLS, and by the end of the weekend both of us felt like our relationship was on a new level. Not that it wasn’t strong before, but sometimes it seems like weeks go by with nothing more than the most superficial howwasschool finecanihaveasnack chit-chat. And that’s a pretty damn awesome outcome if you ask me.
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