Regina Carter, where have you been all my life?

image of CD coverSo, this is what’s on repeat play right now, and when I say right now I mean that it has been for the last week and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. She is playing Paganini’s famous “Cannone” violin, although I’m sure she’d sound equally awesome on my 7yo son’s crappy little factory-made quarter-size fiddle.

Full disclosure: I have a thing for Ravel, particularly the piece that happens to be the first track on this album, the Pavane pour une infante défunte. It’s a funny thing, that. Because as far as classical music goes, I’m a German Romantics girl through and through. If its name starts with B or Schu, it’s mine. But one day I was over at my mom’s house and we stumbled across a duet book with a very nice arrangement of the Pavane, and in one fell swoop I saw the light. That was several years ago, and I’ve been listening to Louis Lortie’s recording of the complete works almost daily, ever since.

I also have a thing for Astor Piazzola, for reasons which I will not disclose here (feel free to use your imagination) as well as that deliciously cheesy Fauré Pavane, and she’s got both of those on this recording as well. So I was extremely predisposed to like this album. Yeah, I probably would have liked it even if she wasn’t such an incredible musician playing on the world’s most famous violin. But she is, and she did, and oh my!


Hello again, world!

Ok, so I let this nice little blog go to seed, as it were, over the summer. It was a busy summer. It’s turning out to be a busy fall, too, but for some reason the Urge to Blog has struck again.

So, my middle child, my 11yo daughter Elle, is in middle school this year, and she is struggling with the work. It takes her forever to get her homework done. I haven’t yet figured out whether the assigments are too big or if she is working too slow. I suspect it is a little bit of both. Her math teacher is a long-term sub with not much teaching experience, and the problems are horrendous. That is, they would be just fine if every damn one didn’t end with “Explain your answer.” Ugh. Half a dozen of those, and it’s not hard to see how a conscientious kid like Elle could spend an hour just working on math! Then again, she is undeniably ditzy. She can take ten minutes to put on her shoes. It could well be that for Elle, “doing her homework” involves a lot of staring out the window, doodling, daydreaming…

I’m debating whether or not to get in touch with the school about this. I am so NOT the mom who complains to the principal. But I have often had to send her to bed in tears because her homework isn’t done. And she is behind, and it’s getting harder and harder for her to catch up. And it is stressing her out. And even if it wasn’t stressing her out, I still don’t want my 11yo doing more than an hour of homework (total, not just math) per day. That is just not right.