My New Year’s baby

Yes, this day also happens to be my firstborn child’s birthday. He is fifteen. (The answer to your question is no. He arrived in the evening. He wasn’t even the first child born in that hospital.)

Unfortunately he’s starting his sixteenth year with a black cloud over his head. He had his birthday party a couple of days ago, a slumber party with half a dozen of his pals, and he behaved badly. He will not be having another sleepover, either hosting or attending, until summer. And as of this writing, we are still waiting for his apology.

Jay’s bad behavior came out of left field. He said NO to his father. Outright NO. In front of his friends, no less. He hasn’t said NO to us since he was eighteen months old. Seriously. We nipped that NO thing in the bud when he was tiny. And just to be perfectly clear: he is not a doormat who does whatever we tell him. He will argue and manipulate us until he’s blue in the face, and he is very good at it. And as annoying as it is, a part of me is proud of his ability to argue. But outright defiance… nuh-uh. Not okay.

He is a teenager. I know that. It’s his job to test limits. It’s to be expected that he’ll have lapses of judgement, especially when he’s with his pals. I also know that it’s our job to rise to the challenge, and we have. He tried to get around me yesterday, catching me when I was alone and asking me whether I thought Dad “overreacted.” Oh no, buddy boy. No I most certainly do not think he overreacted and furthermore, sweetheart, your attempt to divide us will not work. Hubs and I are completely on the same page, thankyouverymuch.

I do wish this hadn’t happened on his birthday though. Darling Jay, you are the light of my life and you always will be. Happy birthday, my precious son.

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