Has it really been seven days?

I must confess when I first heard about wordpress.com’s daily post challenge I rolled my eyes. Just a gimmick to get more people to use their service, I thought. Just a publicity stunt to revive the dying art of blogging. And then I immediately signed myself up.

I really didn’t give it much more thought than that. I guess I just wanted to try something new. I have blogged before, but my old (my very old) blog was focused on a fairly narrow topic and it certainly wasn’t something I did every day. Even so, I didn’t think this challenge would be a big deal. I’ve never had trouble coming up with things to write about; during the course of this week I’ve generated half a dozen draft posts already, in addition to the seven I actually published. No, the only hard part would be making the time to do it.

I’m happy to say, though, that this project is stretching me in ways I didn’t expect.

First, it’s forcing me to write quickly, to not obsess over every comma. I need this! I have real deadlines in my new job and I can’t afford to be nit-picky. I need to be able to ignore my inner editor sometimes. I’m doing that here and although it’s nerve-wracking it also feels good.

Second, it feels like a big stretch for me to write about my family and my daily life. Even cute kid anecdotes feel like I am revealing something of myself in a way that I don’t normally. It’s a little scary, but it feels good too.

Third, I am discovering other great blogs! I really really really appreciate all the encouragement, the likes and comments, and I am enjoying reciprocating. To celebrate the first week of daily posts I’m starting a blogroll in the sidebar. I hope you’ll visit those blogs too, and I look forward to adding more as I discover other interesting people out there.

I hope all you daily post-ers enjoyed your first week as much as I have. May this project stretch you too. Cheers, everyone!

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  1. Reader, Writer, Runner.

     /  January 8, 2011

    You’re an inspiration! Seven drafts and a couple that you’ve already posted; that’s great. I need to start writing everyday, which is the reason I signed up for the challenge. I am a big procrastinator when it comes to writing, and I am finding that the more I write, the more topics I come up with to write about. Funny things happen when we habitually engage the creative side of our brains! Good luck with the challenge. You’re off to a great start.

  2. Congratulations ~Keep up the great writing! I am really enjoying reading your blog. :) Thanks also for listing my blog in the blogroll … if I can figure out how to add a blogroll to my blog I list a link to your blog. Here’s to another week of successful daily posting to the both of us !!! :)

  3. Congratulations on you daily blogging! I too, really enjoy reading you blogs. I can so understand the awkward feeling of writing about your personal life and putting it in a space that the public can view. As a very private person most of my life, That was a HUGE step for me! That’s also part of my inner growth and I’m glad that I’m following through. I’ve met some wonderful people as well through the process – and came across your blog. You’re doing an awesome job and a very good writer!

  4. *blushing* Thank you all! Your encouragement means a lot to me. It’s hard to write in a vacuum — which is why I have never in my life been able to keep a pen & paper journal. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. I actually really enjoy your posts. I’m sad though, your posts don’t show up in my in-box! I subscribed to your blog as well. It’s fine though. I definitely am glad I woke up a bit early to write myself.

    THANK YOU for reading my blog. Like you, I’m finding this postaday challenge to be more eye opening than I had originally imagined. Thanks again for posting and commenting! It means a lot that you’re even looking! :)

  6. Dorothy, I wonder if maybe you didn’t confirm your subscription? I think the email subscription has a double opt-in, where you have to check your email and click on a link to confirm. In any case… thank you! The postaday challenge really is turning out to be interesting, isn’t it?


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