I wasn’t kidding about the ukulele

The other day I used “teaching myself to play the ukulele” as an example of crazy projects that I start but don’t finish. Well that wasn’t random. I really am teaching myelf to play the uke, along with the rest of my family. When Hubby first mentioned that he’d like a ukulele for Christmas, I pretended to be noncommital. I didn’t want to make things too easy for him, you know, but of course the instant he said it I lit up inside and could hardly wait to get to the music shop. Because you can never own too many musical instruments. We now own: three violins, a piano, a thumb piano, a drum kit (with cowbell!), an electric guitar (with amp but missing a string), a mandolin (also missing a string but it doesn’t matter so much because it’s double-strung), a clarinet, a kazoo, and now the ukulele. And I think pretty soon we’re going to need more ukuleles because my goodness that thing is so fun and cute! Much easier on the fingers than the mandolin, and much easier to tune. We are all five of us fighting over it constantly.

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  1. Yay! First to leave a comment! I play the classical guitar (well, I recently took it out of its case and started fooling around with it again). I used to play a lot and took lessons for a few years. Playing an instrument is definitely a great outlet. By the looks of it, you can start your own band. Would you ever post your family playing a song together? Later on this year, you should re-visit this post with a video or audio posting (if that’s possible)!

  2. Classical guitar… I’m jealous! YOU should post a video!

    My real musical outlet is the piano, which I play daily but not very well. On the uke I actually only know about three chords. Of course, three chords is all you need to play most pop tunes…


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