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Being a proper Suzuki family, we listen to a lot of violin music around here. And since I can’t think of anything else to write about at the moment, I thought I would share some of my current obsessions with you. If you don’t like classical music, just skip this post. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But these are what makes my day complete, and you can click on the album covers to get to the amazon.com listings if you want. (I’m not an affiliate and I don’t benefit in any way if you do.)

CD coverFritz Kreisler was quite a cutie. He was, of course, one of the greatest violinists of all time, but did you know he was also a composer? Yes, but get this, he was too shy to publish his delightful compositions under his own name. Instead, he reverse-plagiarized, pretending they were the works of obscure composers like Pugnani. Pugnani??? Anyway, these pieces are absolutely charming, and Joshua Bell plays the heck out of ’em. Highly recommend this one for brightening up a gloomy day.

CD coverI don’t know what it is about Robert Schumann. I hate to think he was my “soul mate,” considering he died insane and all. But there is something in his music that speaks to me on a very very deep level. These violin sonatas just kill me every time. The first one sounds like it begins in the middle. There’s no introduction, no build-up — you’re just instantly swept away. Jennifer Koh is great, by the way. She is a wonderful musician and (from what I can tell) a neat person. Plus she has a very pretty website.

CD coverI have to admit I didn’t used to be a very big fan of string quartets. I need to hear a piano in there somewhere, or maybe a wind instrument. Something to add a little salt to the sweetness, you know? But Mendelssohn changed that for me, and after I discovered his quartets I was able to go back and enjoy the Haydns and Beethovens. And these French quartets, these lush French Impressionist quartets, are absolutely the most gorgeous things ever.

What about you? What have you been listening to lately? What are you listening to right now?

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  1. Well, right now I’m listening to my kids run wildly thorugh the house ~ LOL But my favorite music is 80’s music becuase it makes me feel young again. I like your suggestions in your blog and I will have to check some of them out on my iPod. Aren’t iPods great ! I love that you can have a collection all kinds of music to listen to depending on your mood, etc. Keep up the great writing !! : )

  2. Oh em ghee! A Suzuki family?!?! This explains your thirst for knowledge and all things, well, RAD!

    I listen to A LOT of different types of music (including but not limited to Connie Francis, Glenn Miller, Simon and Garfunkel, Hall & Oats, Grandmaster Flash, Doug E. Fresh, Sugar Hill Gang, Jay-Z, Portishead the list goes on and on).

    I wanted to share one of my favorite hip hop violinist, Miri Ben Ari – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miri_Ben-Ari

  3. Hmmm, interesting variety here!

    I must confess I didn’t like 80s music during the 80s so much, but I do like it now. There’s one grocery store near my house that has the most disgusting produce ever but I go there sometimes anyway, just because they always have awesome 80s music playing. (I graduated from high school in 1984.)

    Dorothy, you are eclectic! I’ll trade you Miri Ben-Ari for Christian Howes.

  4. Okay, seriously, you gotta stop being so damn cool. Christian Howes is bananas (in a good way!). As my friend would say, umm, pretty ridonkulous. THANK YOU!!

  5. Okay, last one…another hip hop violinist, Paul Dateh. He, literally, remakes all these old school hip hop songs with his violin skills. Pretty wild.

    Again, LOVE Christian Howes. THANK YOU!

  6. Okay, seriously, you gotta stop saying stuff like that. YOU are the cool one because I am checking out Paul Dateh right now and I have ground to a complete halt. Can’t think of a single other musician to give you in exchange. Well it has been a long day…

  7. OK, my Friday post is on a Harry Chapin song I rediscovered during the week and have played over and over all week.

    Have you ever heard The Ahn Trio’s Lullaby for My Favorite Insomniac? They play modern compositions by artists like Pat Metheny and Kenji Bunch and interesting transcriptions of other modern pieces. The title tune is here:


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