Not random, but sort of amusing

Well here it is, another day, another blank wordpress screen. What to write, what to write…

I was thinking of posting some random facts about myself, as many bloggers like to do when inspiration runs dry. However, I have a problem with the idea of random. If I were to post some truly “random” facts about myself, like if I had every single fact about myself written on a folded piece of paper in a big bowl and I reached in blindly and pulled out a few? Ewwww. Probably not such a good idea.

Yeah, people don’t really mean random when they say random. What they mean is amusing, or quirky, or not related to anything in particular. I can do that.

Here’s one: I live next door to my dentist. Not only that, but I think this is hilarious and every time the topic of dentistry, or even just teeth, comes up in conversation I feel compelled to work it in somehow. Furthermore, we didn’t join her practice because she lives next door. It’s just a coincindence; my husband’s family has been a member of her practice since before she joined it. It’s convenient though. One time when my son chipped his tooth she examined him while standing in our shared driveway. You know what else? She gives out colossal amounts of candy at Halloween.

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  1. Oh, so she passes out candy, does she? Suspicious!

  2. ExTREMEly suspicious!

  3. It drives me crazy the way people use the word random, since I often do statistical analysis. Correction: I often used to do statistical analysis, now I write quirky posts not related to anything that are hopefully amusing … but definitely not random. For many years we lived across the street from my kids’ pediatrician. THAT was convenient.

  4. Ha ha! Another frequently misused word, along the same lines, is “literal.” Many people use it to disguise the fact that they are wildly exaggerating. If they truly meant it when they said things like “It was eight o’clock and I was literally starving” — what, are you saying you had scurvy? Distended belly? Flies in your eyes? I don’t think so.

    And wow, across the street from your pediatrician, you lucky duck.

  5. I love these types of post, actually. About being random, well, I don’t know if there’s such a thing. Perhaps, tangential but not random. :)

  6. That is an amusing fact, and a nice convenience for your family! It’s also fun to know that your dentist gives out loads of candy at Halloween. Maybe she’s trying to increase business!


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