Off the wagon

Yes indeed I fell off the wagon, and I figured something out about the daily post. It’s not enough to have endless ideas for topics and the chutzpah it takes to hit the publish button day after day. You also have to have the hours available. It’s that simple. There’s only so much a person can fit into one day.

I didn’t even realize that at first. For pretty much the entire month of January, work was very slow. It shouldn’t have been; it was slow because my work was caught behind a log jam of a colleague who wasn’t doing his part. And then the jam cleared and bam! I’ve been swamped swamped swamped ever since. Swamped, and a bit anxious about all the more work that needs to be done between now and Memorial Day, between now and the end of August, between now and basically forever. While I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for stuff to happen it was oh so easy to churn out a post a day! Hell, I probably could’ve done two! But now… now? I can barely manage one a week.

I have missed this! I’ve missed the writing, I’ve missed visiting my fellow daily post-ers — thank you all, so much, for the sweet comments while I was gone! — and I’ve missed the whole buzz surrounding this endeavor.

I’m going to try to climb back up on this here wagon. I’m not ready to take that badge off my sidebar quite yet.

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  1. I was wondering where you had gone. You know, post a day doesn’t have to be a marvelously thought-up anything. I’ve been stockpiling some stuff like recipes and quotes from books I like — and even a few brief blog-posts — for those days when I just don’t have the time and energy to otherwise post. If you find yourself with a couple weekend hours sometime, try it! It takes the pressure off.

  2. Hi Mo – glad to see your post. I’ve been struggling to find the time to post too (I missed 3 days this week and 1 last week). I’m like you … plenty of things to write about, but not much time to actually sit down and write :) Glad everything is OK and you weren’t kidnapped or abducted by aliens ~ LOL :) Welcome back – I’ve missed reading your posts !

  3. Glad you’re going to keep at it. Even if you have the time, sometimes it’s just hard to come up with anything worth saying.

  4. Glad to see you back! I’m in the same boat a bit – trying to reconcile living and blogging. Still trying to figure it out, for sure.

  5. Thanks for the welcome-back! It’s good to know I’m not the only one having trouble finding time!

  6. Yeaaaaaa! She’s back !!!! I carry a little notebook and jot down ideas as I go through my days. Then, when the spark comes, I write two or three ahead and schedule. Of course, I have the advantage of being retired (not altogether and advantage, but it is when it comes to postaday). Still, I’m finding it a reach to keep up … and keep up with other endeavors … AND reading my favorite blogs.

  7. :-) Carrying a notebook is good! I use an app on my iPhone called Evernote, which I actually learned about from another postaday-er. It syncs very nicely with the computer and it’s constructed very simply. Me like!

  8. I completely understand about not having enough time–I’ve been having that problem lately! I’ve got a million ideas for posts, but all involve more time than I currently have.

    And Evernote is a great app, I used to use it for my class notes in college. That way I could access them from any computer, my iPod touch, or my (non-smart) phone in a pinch.

  9. Mo!!!! You know what I love most about you, my blogger friend, your honesty. THAT is the reason why I enjoy following and reading your posts. There’s nothing like authenticity to one’s feelings and thoughts. Of course, I’m happy you’re back and, ummm, NO, you’re NOT going to take that badge off on the sidebar. :) Virtual hug to you, Lady!


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