All in a day’s work

Well here’s a little anecdote.

This guy, a builder, asks me to make him a website. We talk, and I’m trying to figure out why he needs a website. He has more jobs than he can handle, he says, and he would really like to cut back a bit. His client base consists almost entirely of repeat customers and word of mouth referrals. His clients are not particularly internet-savvy and no one is complaining that he’s hard to find, or suggesting that he needs a website. The builder himself is not a wannabe webmaster. In fact, he is clueless about computers — he gave me copy written in pencil on notebook paper, and was totally stymied by my request that he email me a file. He has absolutely no interest in learning how to maintain and update his own site.

Okaaaaay… So, I’m scratching my head over this one. Yes, I want the job, but it seems kind of pointless for me to go to all this trouble and him to pay all this money, for a website he clearly does not need.

And then he says, oh so casually, by the way, I also have some fishing pictures I’d like to put up on the site. He starts talking about fishing. He goes down to the Florida Keys every year, he has a house down there, and a boat, and his life’s passion is deep sea fishing.

Now I must admit my first reaction was ewwwwww! I think fishing is so gross. Bait? *shudder* Fish flopping around *shudder* on the end of a hook *shudder*? I don’t even like to eat fish. *shudder* I never buy it, *shudder* and I would never in a million years go fishing for it. *shudder*

But as this guy continues to talk about his grand passion, and starts showing me his pictures, well my goodness if his enthusiasm isn’t contagious. Pretty soon my adrenaline is pumping hard. He shows me a photo of the top half of a barracuda (!) hanging from a hook. The bottom half is missing because as they were pulling it into the boat a passing shark grabbed onto the other end, there was a tug of war, and the fisherman was left with just the top, with bloody guts dangling. And I’m all excited about this!!!

Of course this man needs a website!!!

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  1. My son in law is a hunter, which I’m not morally opposed to but just don’t get … and website or no, I don’ think I could ever get much enthusiasm for his pictures. So, I think I’d skip you client’s website, too. I used to be a fisherman (as a boy) but now I feel sorry for the fish.

  2. Yeah, hunting is gross too. My aunt and uncle hunt. I have been at family reunions where I had to eat venison hot dogs and HEAD CHEESE. What, it’s not bad enough that they had to go and kill Bambi? We also have to eat him???

  3. Brill. THANK YOU. You know, FastApproaching uses the tag of ‘humor’. You two, seriously, write posts that make my day. No joke (no pun intended). It was nice reading this on a cold, rainy morning before I head to work. :)


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