Just a quick post tonight because it’s late & I’m exhausted. I’m feeling all misty because I spent the evening at the high school choir concert. Oh man! Am I the only one who turns into a puddle of tears whenever children, even teenagers, open their mouths to sing? And it’s a double whammy when in addition to the three or four regular choirs there were no less than ten extra-curricular groups that also performed. Yes, I said extra-curricular. Kids who like to sing so much that they form their own after-school clubs and make their own arrangements of pop tunes & old standards which they sing (and sometimes choreograph) in beautiful tight harmonies, not for a grade but just for the love of it. And then there was my own son, whom I overheard saying to his old middle school choir director, who’s about to retire, “thank you for hooking me on choir.” He really meant it too.

*sniffle* It’s just too much!

P.S. One of the songs was a madrigal!!! I listened carefully to see if it was through-composed but the song was in Italian and I couldn’t tell when the verses ended. Oh well.

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  1. There really is nothing like hearing young people express themselves through song. When I hear my goddaughter or nieces and nephews singing and dancing, it reminds me to listen very carefully because getting teenagers and kids to talk about anything with adults, well, is challenging. Seeing them sing, you see this happiness emanate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes indeed, so true!!!

  3. Hearing young people express themselves through any medium can make me all puddlely. How lucky we are that they haven’t lost interest in continuing the arts.

  4. Oh, I agree! However I think there is something extra special about singing. Band and orchestra concerts don’t have quite the same effect on me.


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