I exercised!!!

I did!!! I went to the Y and swam for 30 minutes!!! I can’t remember the last time I exercised. It definitely wasn’t during this calendar year. But I’m at the point now where I have to get moving. I spend all day sitting at the computer and I just feel so old and creaky and cranky.

Swimming is my favorite form of exercise and the only thing I stand of chance of doing regularly at all. Anything in a group with an instructor, like aerobics or zumba or pilates, just makes me giggle, plus I always feel like I’m “doin it rong,” you know? And other forms of exercise require too much effort. I’m not athletic, never was, never will be. But swimming is awesome. To wit:

It’s perfectly solitary. No one can talk to you while you’re swimming. Great for when you’re feeling antisocial, which I usually am.

It doesn’t feel like exercise. You don’t sweat, at least not perceptibly. If you keep up a nice slow steady breaststroke you can keep swimming practically forever without even getting a stitch in your side. When you get out you suddenly weigh a million pounds and your legs have turned to rubber, but that’s nice too, because otherwise you wouldn’t even know you’d exercised.

It feels good to be in the water. I have read up on sensory processing disorder and I definitely have some of the symptoms, both defensiveness (auditory) and seeking. I crave the feeling of speed, including swinging and spinning; I sleep under a heavy blanket even in summer; I totally get why Temple Grandin invented the squeeze machine; and more than anything I love the feeling of being under water.

You don’t have to concentrate on what you’re doing. Not if you keep up that nice slow steady breaststroke, and especially not if you’re lucky enough to have a lane to yourself. It’s a perfect opportunity for mulling things over, meditating, daydreaming, whatever.

Now swimming does have one HUGE drawback and that is… the locker room. But you know everyone else feels as awkward as you, so it kinda cancels out.

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  1. I love to swim too (though I rarely get a chance to anymore). I used to be on swim team in high school and I always preferred it to any other sport because I could just swim and swim and there were no distractions. :) Congrats on exercising ! I hope to get back in the habit of exercising this Spring so maybe this will help motivate me! ;) Congrats also on all your recent blog posts! I’m just catching up on reading them today … it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I am having trouble keeping up! Have a great Friday !


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