Instant karma

Wow. I just wrote a post which was, I’m sorry to say, another rant against the same person I ranted about earlier. It was a mean-spirited rant, meaner than the first one, and I tagged it with words like “mean,” “petty” and “snide.” I felt so much better after getting the latest incident off my chest, but in the end I couldn’t quite bring myself to hit the publish button. It just didn’t feel right to badmouth another person to that extent, even anonymously. I hovered over the publish button for quite a while though. Complicating the decision was the fact that if I didn’t publish this one, I’d have to write something else and I already turned into a pumpkin like hours ago. But finally I decided no. It really did not feel right. So I highlight and backspace and poof, my words are gone.

And immediately thereupon, my computer goes ding! You’ve got mail! So I go see, and it’s from Paypal: notice of a five hundred dollar donation to our organization. It’s the first response to a fundraising plea I sent out on Friday. We are very small potatoes. We can really use five hundred bucks. Oh this is so much better than the rant.

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  1. What you need is a private blog that no one but you has the password to. Then you can’t post your nasty rants but never have to delete them :)

  2. Ha, I have one of those already. I’ve been using wordpress to keep a private journal for several years, and it’s awesome because all my posts are neatly tagged, it’s searchable, etc. Way better than a notebook, much as I love paper and pens. I just hope it really is as private as I think it is!

  3. Sometimes it feels better to just write (or type) it all out and get it off your chest. I have typed many a nasty email to vent and let off steam and then never sent them … just deleted them and no one was the wiser! :) A private blog is a good idea too – I may have to try that!


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