Sunday morning music

So, I spent the whole morning listening to Bach Motets on repeat play. Just like I did last Sunday, and the Sunday before that, and the Sunday before that… I have been listening to Bach Motets on Sunday mornings for ever.

J.S. Bach wrote tons of choral music. He wrote masses and passions, oratorios and cantatas, and they are all gorgeous. But for some reason I find the motets more accessible. I mean, listening to the B minor Mass feels like a project. It would be sacrilegious to, say, wash the dishes with that on in the background, you know? (I am nominally Jewish, and I participate in no organized religion whatsoever. Even so.) But the motets, the motets, I dunno. They are so incredibly beautiful, and it feels permissible to just put them on repeat play and go about your business. Not just permissible, but right and proper and totally uplifting. In fact I recommend these not just on Sundays but any day of the week.

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