Hello again, world!

Hmm, it’s been over a month since I last wrote a “daily” post. Not for lack of interest, or lack of things to write about, but simply lack of time. Mainly because of work. Our big annual event takes place in August and this big annual event is pretty much our entire raison d’etre. So, lots to do in August. And then I had to turn my attention back to home and family after ignoring them all summer (because of the event), getting everyone organized for the start of school, getting back into the swing of things.

Also we had some extra surprises like having to quickly buy a new car after hitting a deer :-( That was tough because not only were we not financially prepared, but it had been years since we researched cars. We’d go to a lot and the salesman would say “well I have a nice Ford Freestyle” and we didn’t even know whether to expect a truck or a snazzy sports car or what. So we were really at square one. (Here’s what we ended up with: a Ford Escape, very high mileage unfortunately but handles like a dream and I absolutely adore it!!)

So, anyway, I am excited to be back here. I changed the theme (Comet!) and although I haven’t checked how block quotes are treated yet, so far I like it a lot. I’ll be posting some book reviews soon — my reading this summer was all over the place and I came across some interesting books.

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  1. Welcome back. since you’re on my blogroll, I check in on you rerioddically …


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