Boost your self esteem for a whole day!

I’m serious! I’ve discovered a fool-proof way to make you feel absolutely great about yourself. Unfortunately the great feeling only lasts for one day, but if you do it often enough you’ll be on top on the world.

The answer, my friends, is crockpot cooking.

First of all, crockpot cooking requires advance planning. If you’re going to be cooking first thing in the morning you probably had to buy your ingredients the day before. Therefore you knew yesterday what you were planning to do today. So that means you are an organized person. Way to go!

Second, crockpot cooking means you cooked from scratch, and with some fresh ingredients. You probably made a soup or stew, and it most likely has some veggies in it that you chopped yourself. So that means you’re eating healthy! Woo hoo!

Third, crockpots use less energy than conventional ovens. Yay! You’re being green!

And of course, your house smells good all day long. So you’ve got a constant reminder of what a great person you are. VoilĂ ! Instant self esteem!