Hello again, world!

Hmm, it’s been over a month since I last wrote a “daily” post. Not for lack of interest, or lack of things to write about, but simply lack of time. Mainly because of work. Our big annual event takes place in August and this big annual event is pretty much our entire raison d’etre. So, lots to do in August. And then I had to turn my attention back to home and family after ignoring them all summer (because of the event), getting everyone organized for the start of school, getting back into the swing of things.

Also we had some extra surprises like having to quickly buy a new car after hitting a deer :-( That was tough because not only were we not financially prepared, but it had been years since we researched cars. We’d go to a lot and the salesman would say “well I have a nice Ford Freestyle” and we didn’t even know whether to expect a truck or a snazzy sports car or what. So we were really at square one. (Here’s what we ended up with: a Ford Escape, very high mileage unfortunately but handles like a dream and I absolutely adore it!!)

So, anyway, I am excited to be back here. I changed the theme (Comet!) and although I haven’t checked how block quotes are treated yet, so far I like it a lot. I’ll be posting some book reviews soon — my reading this summer was all over the place and I came across some interesting books.


Off the wagon

Yes indeed I fell off the wagon, and I figured something out about the daily post. It’s not enough to have endless ideas for topics and the chutzpah it takes to hit the publish button day after day. You also have to have the hours available. It’s that simple. There’s only so much a person can fit into one day.

I didn’t even realize that at first. For pretty much the entire month of January, work was very slow. It shouldn’t have been; it was slow because my work was caught behind a log jam of a colleague who wasn’t doing his part. And then the jam cleared and bam! I’ve been swamped swamped swamped ever since. Swamped, and a bit anxious about all the more work that needs to be done between now and Memorial Day, between now and the end of August, between now and basically forever. While I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for stuff to happen it was oh so easy to churn out a post a day! Hell, I probably could’ve done two! But now… now? I can barely manage one a week.

I have missed this! I’ve missed the writing, I’ve missed visiting my fellow daily post-ers — thank you all, so much, for the sweet comments while I was gone! — and I’ve missed the whole buzz surrounding this endeavor.

I’m going to try to climb back up on this here wagon. I’m not ready to take that badge off my sidebar quite yet.

A mushy sentimental blog post

Soooooo, I was thinking it would be nice to write a contemplative wrap-up kind of thing to celebrate the fact that I actually did write 31 posts during the month of January.

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I have no trouble thinking up topics to write about. I mean, geez, just look around. There are topics everywhere! But you know what, I do find it extremely challenging to write about my own inner life: my thoughts, experiences, hopes, dreams, frustrations, struggles, that kind of thing. My Meyer-Briggs type is INTJ, from which you might infer (correctly) that 1) I am a very private person who 2) is not particularly in touch with her feelings. That venting post from the other day? Strange as it may seem, that was very tough for me to write.

But guess what. Going through the (for me, difficult) process of figuring out why I was so annoyed with this situation at work, realizing that one of the reasons my buttons were being pushed was because I have a similar problem at home, etc., helped me to clarify some issues. I ended up having really good talks with several of my colleagues and as a result we are all able to move forward on this project with new energy. Yay! I’m not sure I could have accomplished this (at least, not as efficiently) if I hadn’t written that blog post.

Thank you, postaday.

And thank you, my dear readers. I am humbled and grateful to have you here. Because of this work situation I’ve not been able to respond to comments and check up on my subscriptions as frequently as I would like, but I’m looking forward to catching up very soon.

Has it really been seven days?

I must confess when I first heard about wordpress.com’s daily post challenge I rolled my eyes. Just a gimmick to get more people to use their service, I thought. Just a publicity stunt to revive the dying art of blogging. And then I immediately signed myself up.

I really didn’t give it much more thought than that. I guess I just wanted to try something new. I have blogged before, but my old (my very old) blog was focused on a fairly narrow topic and it certainly wasn’t something I did every day. Even so, I didn’t think this challenge would be a big deal. I’ve never had trouble coming up with things to write about; during the course of this week I’ve generated half a dozen draft posts already, in addition to the seven I actually published. No, the only hard part would be making the time to do it.

I’m happy to say, though, that this project is stretching me in ways I didn’t expect.

First, it’s forcing me to write quickly, to not obsess over every comma. I need this! I have real deadlines in my new job and I can’t afford to be nit-picky. I need to be able to ignore my inner editor sometimes. I’m doing that here and although it’s nerve-wracking it also feels good.

Second, it feels like a big stretch for me to write about my family and my daily life. Even cute kid anecdotes feel like I am revealing something of myself in a way that I don’t normally. It’s a little scary, but it feels good too.

Third, I am discovering other great blogs! I really really really appreciate all the encouragement, the likes and comments, and I am enjoying reciprocating. To celebrate the first week of daily posts I’m starting a blogroll in the sidebar. I hope you’ll visit those blogs too, and I look forward to adding more as I discover other interesting people out there.

I hope all you daily post-ers enjoyed your first week as much as I have. May this project stretch you too. Cheers, everyone!