Reality check

I continue to have my share of ups and downs working with this woman that I have vented about in a couple of previous posts. I’ve reached the conclusion that she not only has ADD but possibly also Borderline Personality Disorder. I am not being facetious or snarky, either. I know BPD when I see it, and I think I am seeing it. She is very very difficult, and it has fallen to me to be the one to run interference and keep her out of everyone else’s hair. Which for the most part is okay with me. I am pretty phlegmatic and not easily fazed by craziness. But my god this woman is relentless. To the point where I can’t help questioning my own abilities. I ask her to do something in language that (I think) could not possibly be any clearer. Simple short declarative sentences. Subject verb object. And she always ends up misunderstanding, misinterpreting, or just downright ignoring me. Maybe I’m not being as clear as I think I am?

The other day I emailed her: “I will be responsible for XYZ . . . So please strike that off your to-do list.” I mean, that is pretty clear, isn’t it? That isn’t really open to interpretation is it?

She emailed back: “ok,” and I thought, phew! Great! She got it.

And then a day later she sent me another email full of questions, suggestions, and a progress report on what she’s done about XYZ.

This isn’t about me, or my “management style” — is it? If your boss sent you an email saying “I will be responsible for this task” would you then go ahead and keep working on it?


Me and The Frizz

Yeah, I found myself thinking about Ms. Frizzle again today. Did you ever watch The Magic Schoolbus? I used to watch it all the time with Jay when he was little. Watched it so often that those kids — Ralphie, Arnold, Keisha, Dorothy Ann — they felt practically like members of my own family. And The Frizz, why, she’s my BFF.

“Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!”

That’s her favorite phrase, and mine too. I think it’s particularly apt for those of us postaday-ers who have stern Inner Editors. Why are we so afraid of making mistakes?

My new job is really pushing me to take chances. I’m forging into (for me) new territory involving things like long-term planning… asking for money… telling people no… figuring out how and what to delegate… dealing with personalities… I have to take chances. I have to get messy. I know I will make mistakes.

Yee-haw! Onward and upward!